Host A Screening of OPENING / by Christopher Willits


I'm inviting you to host your own home screening of my film OPENING, and if you do, your home could be selected for me to visit and play a private concert with all your friends. One location will be selected for a home concert and 20 other locations will receive the LP or CD of OPENING from my label Ghostly International

Simply go to, and at the bottom of the page see the instructions about how to drop a pin on the map where your screening occurred. Make sure you include your Twitter name so we can contact you if your pin is selected. 

At the end of the year, I will randomly select a location/pin on the map, ask you for the exact address via a Twitter direct message, and then set up a time to play a concert at your home or wherever you screened the film. 
20 other locations/pins will be selected to receive a free LP or CD of OPENING with free shipping.

I've wanted to create a space of peace and expansion with these sounds and images, and I want to invite you to share that space with the people around you, with the people you love. Any TV, monitor, sound system will do, there is no technical requirements to meet. Any screening is cool! I would really love your help bringing this work to your friends and family and surrounding communities, and I can't wait to meet some of you at a house concert.

The film to share, and the map to drop your location/pin is at -