New class- Intro to Sound and Digital Audio / by Christopher Willits

For years I've imagined teaching more classes outside of traditional higher education, and the massive student debt it can create. I want to bring creative and empowering information to people with more individualized focus and for way less money. I'm really excited to announce that it's all coming together.

I'll be teaching "Intro to Sound and Digital Audio" at the Overlap Studio in Oakland on Saturday May 31st 12-4pm. You can register here. Only 7 seats available, and I'm customizing the class to meet the needs of everyone in it. I'll talk individually with everyone before the class begins so that I fully understand everyone's intentions. I'm starting these classes with more intro-level ideas and will build up from there, going as advanced as people want to go. I'll be expanding into other topics as well- music production, photography, video/film, meditation, tai chi, process design and more.

I've been teaching for almost 15 years now, and I love it so much. Sharing what I have learned and watching others discover their own creative process is absolutely incredible. Teaching is an important part of my path and I hope you or a friend can use some of this information for your own personal growth.