Listening Garden (Revisited) - Deupree + Willits / by Christopher Willits

new essay about "Listening Garden" was just published at the new Fluid Radio website.
This release was the creative documentation of a multichannel surround sound installation that Taylor Deupree and I created at The Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media in 2004. Writing by John Boursnell-

Distant sounding swells are joined by a bubbling loop, droplets of sound overlap with clicks and ringing tones. All the time, a background space that feels far removed from the hard-drive edit – the sealed, ultra-real presence of modern electronics. Listen closely, and there are voices, the occasional clatter of cutlery. Sounds move from the specific foreground to the general background – there is the sense of these little stretches of colour existing alongside human activity. This is Listening Garden, by Taylor Deupree and Christopher Willits, released by Line in 2007. Assembled from recordings of the Listening Garden installation created by Deupree and Willits at the YCAM arts centre in Yamaguchi, Japan in June 2004, we can see the recorded, physical version as a slice of activity, a thirty-four minute stretch of space, that offers a glimpse of the original artwork.

“Once someone listens to this work, the intention of our decisions, our creative process, transcends words or history and becomes part of that person’s experience. Perhaps our intention of creating a relaxing space shines through to that individual, or perhaps it becomes something totally different.”