Max For Live Hack - August 15th, 2013 / by Christopher Willits

I'll be hosting this Max For Live hack party with Overlap on August 15th at Pyramind. Anyone is welcome to come and learn and develop new live processing tools and software instruments with us. 
Pyramind is at 832 Folsom St, SF CA 94107 and we'll be going from 7-10pm. Hope to see you there!


Max For Live allows you to create your own tools for music and multimedia production, and The Max for Live Hack brings this amazing tool’s users together in one place. With the intention of developing a community around sharing and creating new custom-made devices and ideas, The Max for Live Hack is for anyone interested in building their own instruments, interfaces, or performance systems.

The night will begin with a quick introduction to Max For Live and some useful tools from our hosts, Christopher Willits and Cullen Miller. Attendees then hack these tools to create their own customized music making devices. At the end of the evening, everyone shares their new devices with each other! Everyone goes home with new tools to work with. All projects will be documented on and hackers will share their work on and Twitter with the hashtag#M4LHackEvent so that others users can use these tools for their own creativity. Both new and experienced users are encouraged to come, and remember to bring your laptop!