Performance at California Academy of Sciences July 18th / by Christopher Willits

Excited to announce that I'm performing at The California Academy of Sciences Thursday July 18th, hosted by the great SF art group Mediate. I'll begin at 8pm in the Coral Reef Aquarium. This is a big deal to me for a couple reasons. First of all I love Mediate's work and mission and CAS is an amazing institution that educates thousands of people about the beauty and wonder of earth. It all resonates with the intention of my music and imagery- to create a space of peace, gratitude, beauty, wonder, often using imagery and field recordings that I've shot in my favorite places on this planet.

This event also marks the second time I'll be performing with an 8 channel surround sound system. In the diagram, below the video still, you can see the speaker locations, yellow dots. The blue dot is where I'll be performing and blue behind that is where I'll be projecting video. These extra speakers create a more immersive experience for the audience. I create patterns of sound movement that weave into the rhythms of the music. More info at the links below, and if you can make it out make sure to say hi.

Facebook Event page