LISTEN - tonight at Stanford University / by Christopher Willits

Tonight at 7:30pm I begin a series with Overlap and Stanford / CCRMA called LISTEN.
We will be playing back exclusive sound pieces in a 22.4 surround sound dome (22 speakers and 4 subs), acheiving maximum sound / body vibration and immersion. I created this event as a place and time to relax deep, and to bring people together in a unique experience that trancends a traditional concert format. We will be playing some beautiful pieces from some great sound artists- RIchard Chartier, Swako, Sebastien Roux, Greg Davis, and Gregg Kowalsky. A reception at CCRMA will end the evening. Would love to see you there.

Below is a photo of the Listening Room at CCRMA / Stanford, the sound dome that we will be inside tonight. All detals about the event can be found here. Doors are at 7:30, directions here
lease come early, get comfortable and feel free to bring pillows or blankets to lay down in the space.