Remix Compilation Album + Awards / by Christopher Willits

I am so grateful for the success of this remix project. We have created something truly wonderfultogether. Remix compilation details and awards of the project mentioned below.

In October I launched a very large-scale remix project with SoundCloud, publicly sharing 121 recordings that I used to create an entire album - "Tiger Flower Circle Sun". The intention was simple, to share a ton of sounds for new friends to play with, expand, and create with. I wanted to encourage other artists to create what they love with these sounds that I love, and have fun in the creative process. Everybody could do whatever they wanted, but the final piece needed to be done by Februrary 1. We suceeded, with a lot of hard work. SoundCloud created a great way to share the work, Ivan Ko and I prepared the library of samples, and AbletonCreative Commons and Ghostly International supported the project and helped us spread the word about why it was important. 
Read up on all the details here.

We did it. Now the time has come to share what everyone has created. I'm absolutely humbled and honored by these wonderful pieces of music and sound. 
Together we have paved the way for more projects of community creation in the future.

My favorite remixes have been included in "Tiger Flower Circle Sun" - Remixes released by my label Overlap. Enjoy.

Featuring - Robert Lippok, Simon Scott, The Sight Below, Corey Fuller (ILLUHA), Big Phone, Radere, Natasha Kmeto, Chris McNamara, MimiCof, Rickmond Wong, Filfla, Pinkcourtesyphone (Richard Chartier), Roma 79, Kodacrome, Christina Vantzou, John Hudak, Celer, V4W.Enko, Davic Noc, Go Dugong, Leonardo Rosado, Ersha, Beat Rossmy, Szymon Kaliski, White Palms, .mute, Sun Glitters, Tom Fitzpatrick, Pearson Constantino, Cue., M-Pill, Ted Apel, Andy Cowling, Cass, Ice Frosty, Alpharay, Josh Mason, Axel Thesleff, c.z , Spies On Bikes, Trans Alp, nankotsuteacher, Sun Hammer, The Maidu, Trans Alp, nankotsuteacher, Matt Diamond, Lamont Kohner.



The partners of this project, Ghostly InternationalAbleton LiveCreative Commons and SoundCloudhave been a huge part of it's success. These organizations have supported the project every step of the way and in the case of SoundCloud - most notable Sarah Haswell and Lee Martin - they built and helped manage the remixing tool we used for sharing recordings and uploading tracks. This tool brought the whole process togetherBig thanks to Lee and Sarah !

These partners are also generously offering awards for my favorite remixes. Choosing "winners" was difficult, I love so many of these remixes. But I just got out of my head and trusted my heart, just like when making music, and I felt these pieces jump out at me. 
These are the winners -

Ableton Live mention of .mute

Josh Mason

Sun Glitters


I encourage all of you to connect with other artists in the remix group.
We are all here together, so let's create together.
I'm very excited to design more projects like this in the future.

With much gratitude, Thank you, everyone. We did this together.