Remix Project Favorites + Comp Released April 3 / by Christopher Willits

The "Tiger Flower Circle Sun" Remix Project went really well. It's been so fun to collaborate with all of you like this. I'm still going through all of the submissions, making my final selections of the best of the best.

On April 3rd we'll be giving out the prizes from AbletonSoundcloudGhostly + Overlap is releasing a compilation of my favorite pieces. It's definitely tough to pick a favorite, I'm trying not to think about it- just the trust the heart, intuition. Some of these pieces feel like a fluid communication / collaboration of the original intention of the music. Other remixes take the music to places that I would never go myself, which is also cool. 

Finishing some other mixes right now (more updates on that soon), and when needing a break i'm giving each remix time to soak in. Really great work everyone. 
There is a lot that we can grow and build from this project, this process of sharing sounds and essentially creating together. Thank you for sharing your creativity! 
More soon.