Connections / by Christopher Willits

The two words "social network", have many mental images attached to them at this point. But, despite all of the distractions and noise out there, we can still connect really well when we use these tools intentionally, for creative and honest communication. This is what I aim to do.

I believe that sound and light and our imaginations, can transform who we are. I share this with you through music, video, photography, ideas, teachings, experimentation. I invite you into my creative process, and I want to encourage you to create what you love.

These are the five main ways to connect with me right now -

  • Facebook Page - Frequent updates, music, photography and video shared, project news. It's easy to have group conversations. "Like" this page and my updates will appear in your fb feed. 
  • Facebook Profile - Subscribe to my public updates for more personal ideas, notes, hello's, things that inspire me.
  • Twitter - I use twitter from my phone, random thoughts, shouts to friends, instagram and phone camera images.
  • Email List - This is my most personal, direct connection to everyone. I share detailed project updates, personal stories, occasional rough mixes, free mp3s, videos, photos, guest list spots, and other things. I think of this as my core audience and friends.
  • Google + - Getting in the habit of using this more, and want to experiment with having "hangouts" to video chat about ideas, projects, the creative process. Feels like it will grow into a more interactive version of my facebook page. Will be fun to experiment.

And of course live performances, events, workshops I'm teaching are the best ways to conenct in person.

Connect any or all of these ways and let's communicate and create !