New Release - Flossin (Willits, Matmos, Zach Hill) / by Christopher Willits

A new full-length album from Flossin, my very intense and hard to describe band project with friends, is out today, Christmas day. Yes, it's a very strange release date for non-xmas music, and we thought that it fit the sound well. It's released exclusively through my label Overlap. It is VERY different from my solo work. My love for free improvisation and that grounded calm that can be found within seeming chaos and unlimited potential, is what attracts me to this project. We have a lot of fun exploring some new sonic territories together. + This is the cover artwork for the album by my amazing friend and artist Nobuko Hori. Enjoy the sound, and find your calm in the chaos.

FLOSSIN - "White Anaconda & The Rainbow Boa 
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All proceeds go directly back to all of us, the artists, to continue creating.

Flossin's latest offering "White Anaconda and the Rainbow Boa" is an unbridled creative explosion of electronic, rock, jazz, noise featuring Christopher WillitsZach HillMatmos, Nate Boyce and Carson McWhirter. Recorded at Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati, CA. during a two day session, this improvisational album reveals a limitless bombast of sound that might possibly vibrate your mind into a relaxed jelly state. There is so much going on sonically that it has the effect of an overwhelming yet calm wash. Snakes in this context represent spiral light energy, the vibrations that comprise all things. This sound vibrates you intensely.

Flossin is a noise, jazz, electronic, rock, free improv group from the San Francisco Bay Area. "White Anaconda & The Rainbow Boa" is Flossin's 3rd release, 2nd full-length album. Christopher Willits and Zach Hill (Hella) met in 2004 and quickly began creating with old friend Miguel Depedro aka Kid 606. Their first release, "Lead Singer" was released in 2004 on Ache Records and Licensed by Yacca in Japan. "Serpents", released in 2009 by Overlap, featured the Flossin core of Willits and Hill along with the current lineup of Matmos, Boyce, McWhiter. Flossin's mission is to push boundaries of electronics, jazz and rock in a band format, creating weird and unique mind-expanding improvisations while simply having fun doing so.

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