New Release - GOLD / by Christopher Willits

GOLD is a 24 minute and 17 second sound bath / ambient piece to soak into. The release is currently digital only, with a limited mini-photo print, and is released in collaboration with

GOLD - Download here and pay what you want for it.

I have also created a photo mini-print as a physical component to the release. You can get one of these for free at any of my events this fall, limited to a run of 500. A QR code on the back of the print links you to a stream and download of gold. More info about it all here.

This is the deepest and also the simplest piece I have created. All harmonics of two notes with very low waves of bass. It's all about being present, in affinity and in love with you, and all that surrounds you. I created this piece to relax with, to meditate with, my intention is to create a bath of sound and light.

At the time of this release the Occupy Wall Street movement continues to grow. Calm, powerful, and nonviolent resistance is so important in order to galvanize greater support and spread the information about why our economic system needs to change, why green energy needs to happen on a mass scale. For me, GOLD creates a peaceful and powerful space to charge up with- surrendering to, and validating the knowingness that we are all made of love and light, and that we can create the world we want. The transformation of the world begins with each one of us transforming ourselves. Harmonic vibrations can aid us in our own transformative process- massaging, cleaning, enveloping, reminding us that we are all made of energy.