NYC - Performance + Workshop - August 21, 2011 / by Christopher Willits

Overlap, Littlefield, and Ableton are teaming up to present a mini-festival in NYC - FIELD DAY.

Workshop and performance by Christopher Willits, along with music by other great artists- Alexander Turnquist, Loren Dent, Noveller, and Jozef Van Wissem.

11:30AM - doors open. 
12:00PM - "Process" - Signal processing + Max For Live workshop w/ Christopher Willits
1:00PM - Alexander Turnquist. 
1:40PM - Loren Dent. 
2:15PM - Noveller. 
3:00PM - Christopher Willits - live performance. 
4:00PM - Jozef Van Wissem.

Tickets and more info here -