Public Remix Project - One more month to go / by Christopher Willits

One more month to create a remix from all of the sounds from "Tiger Flower Circle Sun". I'm so excited to hear what you create.

We'll make a great free compilation of remixes, that you can be on. For the compilation we have confirmed remixes from my friends Robert Lippok, Adam Wiltze ( Stars of the Lid ), Midori Hirano , Simon Scott , Chris McNamara, Natasha Kmeto, Keiichi Sugimoto, Richard Chartier, Electricwest, Christina Vantzou, The Sight Below + more on the way. The compilation will be released by Overlap. + best remixes get prizes from the sponsors, all listed on the remix project link below.

All info to get involved is here -

Big thanks to Ghostly International, SoundCloud, Creative Commons,, and Ableton for creating this project with me. Besides the compilation, my favorite remixes get some cool prizes from these sponsors.