SoundCloud Minno = SoundRain / by Christopher Willits

Lately I've been thinking about how to work out process where people can listen to my music freely, but are also able to easily gift love via the form of a dollar, in about two clicks. I'm imagining a simple decentralized playback process / storeside (not storefront) and a couple buttons, that works anywhere. Myself and my assitant Johann went to the SF Music Hack Day last saturday with the intention of meeting people thinking about this same idea. Within an hour of being there Noah fromSoundRain asked me to check out their project- he and Calvin were in the process of creating aMinno widget and process that would allow artists to sell their music that's hosted in SoundCloud in a couple clicks. More info here - (Currently in beta). I made some suggestions, gave a bunch of moral support, and the next day we demo'd the process in front of everyone. Great feedback from all, and Paul from Echonest, the creators of the Hack Day, asked us to present the next day at the SF Music Tech Summit. More on the development of this idea soon. I'm very excited.

Green Faces - from "Tiger Flower Circle Sun" released by Ghostly International (2010).

Big thanks to Noah and Calvin for this great idea and implementation and for bringing me into the process. 

Flowers Into Stardust (Live in Tokyo) from "Live on Earth Vol.3" . The studio version of "Flowers Into Stardust" appears on Tiger Flower Circle Sun released by Ghostly International (2010). Updates to this interface by SoundRain soon, this is in beta.