Willits Sample Lib Vol.1 - TFCS - Remix Project / by Christopher Willits

A new public remix project has just been launched with SoundCloudGhostlyAbleton, and Creative Commons. So excited to see what you create from these 121 samples + stems. 
So many possibilities to explore. Big thanks to Ivan Jombik for exporting these sounds with me.

All of the sounds and project details and prizes can be found here.

"The recordings that Christopher Willits used to create "Tiger Flower Circle Sun" (Ghostly International), are now available to the public for remixing.

This library of 121 samples gives artists a huge palette of possibilities to produce with + provides a glimpse into the creative process of a visionary artist.

DEADLINE FOR YOUR REMIX: Feb 1st, 2012 Submit anything that you have created that incorporates these samples. WAV files only."