Willits Performances



    Christopher’s audiovisual performances integrate films and video created with his music. Albums like Opening (2014), Horizon (2017) and The Art of Listening (2017) all have a very strong visual narrative that connects the audience deeper to the music.

    Stereo audiovisual technical setup
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    Spatial set (Audiovisual)


    In addition to a unique sound and beautiful visuals, Willits’ pioneering work both creatively and technically in spatial audio (also known as 3D sound, 360 sound, and Ambisonics) sets his work apart from the rest. With 4-8 speakers surrounding the audience (in both traditional venues or alternative spaces) Christopher’s music takes on a new dimension, immersing the listener from all horizontal directions. Spatial performances incorporate a scalable sound system that can fit into nearly any venue and augment the existing stereo system of the location. Spatial sets have accompanying visuals when technically feasible.

    Spatial audiovisual technical setup

    Envelop Spatial set (Audiovisual)


    Willits is the executive director and co-founder of Envelop, a ground-breaking spatial audio project that has opened a venue in San Francisco, created a mobile system that can travel to events, and develops free open source software tools to allow others to make three-dimensional music of the future. Envelop listening spaces take the shared experience of music to the next-level with 28 speakers positioning sound around, and above the audience. This is one of the best listening experiences in the world. Envelop installations have happened at leading music festivals such as FORM Arcosanti, Further Future and Creating Equilibrium. 

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    Christopher’s DJ sets adapt to the specific needs of the event, ranging from full on dance parties employing a diverse catalog of music, to deep meditative soundscapes. DJ sets have accompanying visuals when technically feasible.

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      Workshops / Talks / Panel Discussions


      Christopher has over 17 years of experience teaching and presenting ideas surrounding the creative process in sound, spatial audio, video/film, photography and meditation. Workshops, talks and panel discussions allow Willits to connect deeper to his audience and convey simple creative solutions to complex problems.