Subconscious Attraction Strategies

by Boyce + Matmos + Willits

Before Drew and Martin of Matmos left San Francisco they collaborated with long-time friends Christopher Willits and Nate Boyce. This session marked Matmos’ migration from the pioneering electronic music scene in San Francisco. 

They worked in an expectation-less collaboration, creating something uniquely different from the last time they recorded together--"Serpents" by Flossin (Boyce, Matmos, Zach Hill, WIllits, Carson Mcwhirter), also released by Overlap. “Subconscious Attraction Strategies” is both sound art and music--light and dark hues fusing into one mind-expanding journey.


released 26 April 2011 

Nate Boyce - Synthesizers 
Drew Daniel - Synthesizers, Computer 
MC Schmidt - Things that make sound, Voice, Mics 
Christopher Willits - Guitar + Computer 

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Christopher Willits.

  • 1:03
    Boyce + Matmos + Willits
  • 3:17
    Boyce + Matmos + Willits
  • 9:52
    Boyce + Matmos + Willits
  • 16:05
    Boyce + Matmos + Willits