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New subscription service-
For $5 a month you will gain exclusive access to new music, photography, films, behind the scenes videos, educational tutorials, VIP access to shows, past releases, remastered albums, remix projects, and some occasional live streaming. Every week, you will receive something new, and upon signing up you can download 3 high resolution releases. You will also have a direct line of communication with me through what is called the Community Feed. 

It is more than a platform for me to release content; it is a space we can connect within, a space where creativity and communication is the top priority, without the noise and advertising interests of social media. This new way of sharing my work will allow me to devote more time to making my art and connecting with the community that supports and grows this creative process: you. Please share this with anyone that you think would like to join us, and let's make this happen together.

Presskit info here