Stereo Audiovisual set


  • One hour sound and image check
  • Grounded and conditioned power (no buzz) with one 6 output power strip (110-240v)
  • One waist-­height table- minimum of 6 ft. across with a black tablecloth that reaches the floor


  • One SM58 mic, boom stand with mic clip, and one XLR cable to connect mic to Willits' audio interface
  • Two 1/4in cables to connect Willits' audio interface to DI's or house system (see input list below)


  • One quality video projector with HDMI input (10K lumen or more)
  • One long HDMI video cable connection connected to the output from Willits' laptop / MacBook Pro HDMI output on stage and connected to the house projector
  • Smooth reflective projection surface (20-30 ft. across min - larger is better)

INPUT LIST  (stereo/2ch):

  • Quality house sound system- 2 speakers / 2 monitors
  • Panned stereo monitor mix (very important, no mono monitoring)
  • There are two 1/4in lines out of Willits' UA Quad Duo audio interface
  • 1L and 2R- submixer or two DI's
  • The XLR from the SM58 vocal mic will input into Willits' audio interface for processing, not the submixer
2017_WILLITS_tech_Live (2ch).jpg